Thursday, June 23rd, 2022


America’s Six Shooter

The strategy of building a god and guns focused Supreme Court to reshape America is firing on all cylinders. The supermajority is packing heat and not nearly done emptying its barrel. That's the lead. That's the story. Earlier this week, it was the eroding of the line between church and state. Next will come the undoing of Roe v Wade. And in between is today's expansion of gun rights. On a day when the Senate moved one step forward on gun control legislation, the Court took us several steps back, with a decision that blows America's brains out, figuratively for now, literally later. If you're for reasonable gun control laws, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? "In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court's conservative supermajority today declared that there is a constitutional right to carry a handgun in public for self defense. By a vote of 6-to-3 the court struck down a century-old gun law in New York that limited licenses to carry a gun outside the home to people carrying them for sports like hunting or shooting, and those with a special need, like messengers carrying cash." These decisions are just target practice. There's much more to come.

+ "This decision is a big deal. Previously, the court had only said that the Constitution protected the ability to have a gun inside the home for self-defense. In that decision, which came down in 2008, the justices didn't rule on how guns carried outside the home could be regulated." FiveThirtyEight: What the Supreme Court's Gun Ruling Means For Gun Control.

+ The Atlantic: The Next Fight Over Guns in America. "Thus opens one of the next major battlegrounds over guns in America: not who can buy guns or what guns can be bought but where these firearms can be carried, every day, by the millions and millions of Americans who own them."


Juul of Denial

"On Thursday, the FDA announced that it is ordering Juul off the market. The agency said that Juul 'must stop selling and distributing' its e-cigarettes in the US and that its current products for sale must be removed from shelves." The FDA Is Banning Juul. (Once the Supreme Court learns how dangerous Juuls are, they'll put them back up for sale.)


Injustice Dept

"News of the law enforcement activity came just over an hour before the House committee investigating Jan. 6 plans to hold a hearing looking at how former President Donald Trump used the Justice Department to try to overturn the 2020 election results. Clark was central to that plot and created a backchannel directly to Trump, going over the heads of his DOJ superiors, the committee has contended." Federal law enforcement visit the home of former DOJ official at center of Jan. 6 hearing.

+ 1/6 panel to hear of Trump's pressure on Justice Department.

+ Trump complains that Kevin McCarthy boycotted the Jan. 6 panel instead of putting pro-Trump Republicans on it. I've seen versions of this article all over the place. Don't buy the hype. There are not two sides to this story. This was an ongoing crime against democracy that took place in the light of day. Yes, we're learning some new details during the hearings, but the basic story remains intact because what we saw happening is what really happened. I wrote a whole book on the lead up to the insurrection and the efforts to overthrow the election and I wouldn't change a single word of it. What we witnessed has only been confirmed.


Darkness Visible

"Since granting Flagstaff, Arizona, the prestigious title of the very first International Dark Sky Place in 2001, the body has supported applications in 49 countries, from Japan to Hungary. It now counts more than 190 sites in its dark sky program, protecting over 42,471sq miles of dark places around the globe, including dark sky reserves, communities, islands and sanctuaries." Some 200 places around the world have now achieved Dark Sky status. (You can achieve this pretty easily by just not paying your electric bill for a few months...)


Extra, Extra

Meltdown: "The markets in Kabul have food, but few can afford it. A sack of flour can cost about $30. Businesses struggle to get materials because of lack of access to bank accounts or foreign currency. Teachers and government workers weren't getting paid, and even if those salaries have resumed, incomes are lower. People sell furniture and silverware for cash. They also sell their kidneys." And now, an earthquake. Afghanistan's staggering set of crises, explained.

+ Gathering Hunter: "Eli Rosenbaum was involved in over 100 cases to deport or revoke citizenship from Nazis; US attorney general during Ukraine visit: 'There is no hiding place for war criminals.'" US taps top Nazi hunter as lead investigator into war crimes in Ukraine. He's gonna be busy.

+ Law and Order: A woman was rescued from a hostage situation after sending a note to a restaurant with her Grubhub order.

+ Faint Praise: A champion swimmer fainted while competing underwater. Her coach jumped in for the rescue.

+ Speed Stick: NYT: "Erriyon Knighton, just out of high school, has already lowered Bolt's world junior record in the 200 meters. 'It's almost like he's a pogo stick,' Knighton's coach said."

+ Ruff Approximation: A bloodhound named Trumpet won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, marking the first time the breed has taken the top prize. And related from Vice: "Puppy Girl Jenna earns $10,000 a month on OnlyFans making videos of herself playing fetch, begging for food and being taken on nice long walkies." (I wish my beagles were that inexpensive...)


Bottom of the News

"The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the university's request Tuesday. The school says it allows Ohio State to control use of 'The' on branded products associated with and sold through athletics and collegiate channels, such as T-shirts, baseball caps and hats." Ohio State gets approval to trademark ‘The' for merchandise. I'll risk paying a royalty by asking, What "The" Eff?

+ Cool Art alert. Footprint by The Krank.