“News of the law enforcement activity came just over an hour before the House committee investigating Jan. 6 plans to hold a hearing looking at how former President Donald Trump used the Justice Department to try to overturn the 2020 election results. Clark was central to that plot and created a backchannel directly to Trump, going over the heads of his DOJ superiors, the committee has contended.” Federal law enforcement visit the home of former DOJ official at center of Jan. 6 hearing.

+ 1/6 panel to hear of Trump’s pressure on Justice Department.

+ Trump complains that Kevin McCarthy boycotted the Jan. 6 panel instead of putting pro-Trump Republicans on it. I’ve seen versions of this article all over the place. Don’t buy the hype. There are not two sides to this story. This was an ongoing crime against democracy that took place in the light of day. Yes, we’re learning some new details during the hearings, but the basic story remains intact because what we saw happening is what really happened. I wrote a whole book on the lead up to the insurrection and the efforts to overthrow the election and I wouldn’t change a single word of it. What we witnessed has only been confirmed.