Extra, Extra

Peace Prize: “Imprisoned Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi has won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize … Ms Mohammadi is currently serving a 10-year jail term in Iran’s notorious Evin prison in the capital, Tehran.”

+ Speaker Static: You may not like any of the current leaders in the race to become next GOP Speaker of the House, but how can you be certain which candidate is the absolute worst option? This should help: Trump endorses Jim Jordan for House speaker. Meanwhile, in his latest affront to America, Trump allegedly discussed US nuclear subs with foreign national after leaving White House. “Pratt told Trump he believed Australia should start buying its submarines from the United States, to which an excited Trump — ‘leaning’ toward Pratt as if to be discreet — then told Pratt two pieces of information about U.S. submarines: the supposed exact number of nuclear warheads they routinely carry, and exactly how close they supposedly can get to a Russian submarine without being detected.” (Trump loves to gossip about other subs.)

+ Global Elite: The world of tech has extended beyond Silicon Valley. Way beyond. Rest of World has an interesting look at 40 emerging market pioneers that are outmaneuvering Silicon Valley for global domination.

+ Nones the Wiser? “In many countries around the world, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are nonbelievers or unaffiliated with any organized religion. These so-called ‘nones’ — atheists, agnostics, or nothing in particular — comprise 30% or more of the adult population in the United States and Canada, as well as numerous European countries. Japan, Israel and Uruguay are among other nations where large numbers of people are secular.” AP with a special report: The Nones.

+ 51 Dies at 80: “I want to just let ’em know that they’ve been hit, and when they get up, they don’t have to look to see who it was that hit ’em. It shouldn’t be any puzzle. When they come to, they got to say, ‘It must’ve been Butkus that got me.” Dick Butkus, Hall of Fame linebacker for Chicago Bears, dies.

+ Grabs Popcorn: “The record-breaking Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film has seen advance global ticket sales cross the $100 million mark a week before the film opens in over 8,500 theaters worldwide.” Beyonce also has a concert film coming out. The big deal about both is that they completely bypassed the studios and did a direct deal with AMC.

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