What to Watch: Eve Hewson is great in Flora and Son (in theaters and on AppleTV). The movie takes place in Dublin. There’s a mother, a son, a guitar, a lot of music, and whole lot of feel good. I saw this at Sundance and loved it.

+ What Else to Watch: For a very different movie experience, check the well-played Fair Play on Netflix. A couple works at the same investment firm. When one of them gets a promotion, things get intense.

+ What to Book: We experience so much political negativity when it comes to issues of immigration and identity. The great Raj Tawney reminds us of the glory of these things, and he does it by way of the kitchen. This is the perfect time to grab your copy of Colorful Palate: A Flavorful Journey Through a Mixed American Experience. Don’t want to take my word for it? Here’s Junot Diaz: “A lovingly wrought and deliciously intimate memoir that captures the stupendous mélange that is Tawney’s American life (and ours). A feast for the mind, a banquet for the heart, as generous as hospitality and as unforgettable as your favorite meal.” (Hurry up and read this before the Ozempic kicks in…)