Man, do I miss normal. Any sign of its return is good news. Say goodbye to the COVID-19 vaccination card. The CDC has stopped printing them.

+ The US economy added an estimated 336,000 jobs last month, blowing expectations out of the water.

+ New technology uses good old-fashioned wind to power giant cargo vessels.

+ NYT: When the Phone Rings and the Voice Says: You’ve Won a MacArthur Award. (When my phone rings, a voice usually says that my auto warranty has expired.)

+ Get on the bus: banned books tour hits the road, from New York to Texas.

+ NPR: Kentucky had an outside-the-box idea to fix child care worker shortages. It’s working. “The state made all child care employees eligible for free child care, regardless of household income.”

+ ‘The school is like a light for me:’ The secret classrooms giving Afghan girls a chance to learn despite Taliban rules.

+ A new start after 60: I wanted to find myself – so I kayaked 6,800 miles alone. (Weird, I usually kayak to escape myself.)