Three Hots and a Caught: A burglar alarm. A heat signal picked up from an aircraft. A lightning storm. A police dog. A bite. And at last, an end to what must have seemed like an endless nightmare for people living in the area. Escaped Pennsylvania killer captured after two-week manhunt.

+ Damn Breaks: “People are hearing the cries of babies underground, they don’t know how to get to them. People are using shovels to get the bodies from underneath the ground, they are using their own hands. There are photos of the city of people getting bodies out with their naked, bare hands. The situation is beyond catastrophic.” Flood-hit Libyan city living through doomsday. “The sea is constantly dumping bodies.” Libya floods kill more than 5,000.

+ The Wizardry of Oz: “A century ago, the synthesis of insulin gave type 1 diabetics a chance to lead a longer, healthier life. Now a very small study provided a glimpse of a future where it might not be needed at all.” Is there anything Ozempic can’t do?

+ Friends Like These: “The meeting, which lasted more than four hours Wednesday in Russia’s Far East, showed how geopolitical tensions have brought the two neighbors isolated by the West into closer alignment.” Kim Jong Un vows full support for Russia as Putin pledges space tech for North Korea.

+ Sugar Daddies: “What these dietitians didn’t make clear was that they were paid to post the videos by American Beverage, a trade and lobbying group representing Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and other companies.” WaPo (Gift Article): The food industry pays ‘influencer’ dietitians to shape your eating habits.

+ You Need a New Radiator: “French regulators ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12, saying it emits electromagnetic radiation levels that are above European Union standards for exposure. The company disputed the findings and said the device complies with regulations.”

+ Field General: “Not even two months after her graduation from North Carolina and its field hockey program, Matson announced to her former teammates that she had accepted the position of head coach.” How Erin Matson went from North Carolina field hockey’s biggest star to its new coach at only 22.

+ You Want Your MTV? MTV still exists. And so the VMAs. They happened last night. They went on for a while. Billboard: The 2023 MTV VMAs: A Delightful Two-Hour Award Show That Couldn’t Resist Going Twice That Long. Of course, no one watches this stuff on TV in realtime anymore. Hence, you can watch all the performances (which spanned the generations) here. And if you can’t guess the night’s biggest winner, you really have missed an entire era.