Grifting is Always in Fashion

“Delvey (real last name Sorokin) has been under house arrest for nearly a year as she appeals deportation to Germany following a two-year stint in prison for grand larceny, among other financial crimes, and an additional 18 months detained by immigration authorities for overstaying her visa. Her ascent up New York’s social ladder as a “fake heiress” and subsequent downfall for defrauding financial institutions (and others) out of more than $200,000 were recounted in multiple magazine features and a book written by a former bestie, before being dramatized in the Netflix miniseries.” In other words, she makes the perfect hostess for a Fashion Week rooftop runway show. Inside ‘fake heiress’ Anna Delvey’s rooftop fashion show — hosted under house arrest. (You scoff, but consider how difficult it is to find just the right outfit when you’re accessorized with an ankle bracelet.)

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