Snoop Cog

“Zoe knows that what I do is critical for our multibillion-dollar company to continue doing what it does, so she provides what I ask of her, over and over, year after year, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with her job. Even though it eats up hours of her time. Even though she is not authorized to give me any of that information. And, most important, even though every single thing she knows about me, and everything I’ve ever told her, is a lie … All of which is to say, this seemingly innocuous phone call is taking place in a capitalist ecosystem defined by outrageous, unchecked excess and, yes, rampant deception. The world of corporate spying is shady but lucrative, and I am one of the best.” In Narratively, Robert Kerbeck describes his High-Flying Life as a Corporate Spy Who Lied His Way to the Top. (He sounds electable.)

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