Just Say No to Plugs

Georgia is a swing state and when it comes to the electric car revolution, it’s acting like one. When it comes to jobs, Georgia has been a major beneficiary of the inflation reduction act. Rural Georgia is being called the “battery belt,” and Gov Brian Kemp says he wants to make Georgia the “electric mobility capital of America.” So Kemp must get verklempt when he describes the importance of transitioning to electric cars and the fight against climate change. Actually, not so much. WaPo (Free Article): Georgia is gaining thousands of jobs from electric vehicle manufacturing. But lawmakers are hesitant to fully embrace EVs — or the fight against climate change. “Last month, the state Senate passed a tax on public EV charging. Along with the governor, most state lawmakers rarely mention ‘climate change’ — or the emissions reductions and environmental benefits of switching to electric vehicles.” (Even when the risks and benefits are staring you in the face, mentioning reality can be a untenable political message.)

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