And Don’t Call Me Shirley

“Picture this: You are on a flight when you learn that the pilots have fallen ill and can no longer fly the plane. A voice comes over the public address system, asking for a volunteer to help land the aircraft. You have no experience, but you have seen ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Snakes on a Plane.’ Maybe you’ve frittered away hours on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. You throw off your seat belt and march toward the cockpit, your cape rustling behind you. Hold on, hero. You might want to return to your seat for this reality check. There is a zero percent chance of someone pulling that off.” WaPo (Gift Article): Think you could land a plane in an emergency? Here’s why you can’t. (If I heard a voice asking for volunteers to land the plane, I wouldn’t even be able to stop shaking long enough to return my tray table to the upright position.)

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