Nation State of Mind

“At this point, close to 30 U.S. cities have signed some sort of acknowledgement of Kailasa. The plan, in a basic sense, relies on the fact that most cities and government entities are pretty liberal in handing out proclamations, and Kailasa happily promotes its victories on social media. In 2021, the mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, signed a proclamation establishing a Kailasa Day on January 3, 2022 — with text of the letter written largely by the group itself. ‘More often than not, requests are accommodated,’ said Elaina Pevide, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office. ‘We probably do one to two dozen a month.'” NY Mag: How a Fake Hindu Nation Scammed Its Way Across America. “Newark was only the latest victim of the followers of a charismatic guru on the run from rape charges.”

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