Extra, Extra

From Enablers to Accomplices: “The New York District Attorney’s office investigating former President Donald Trump called Republican requests for its documents and testimony ‘an unprecedent inquiry into a pending local prosecution.'” Meanwhile, as WaPo reports, as the indictment looms, Trump criticizes calls for peace. These calls for violence and attacks on the legal system are reasons why he must be arrested.

+ Michelangelo Point: “For decades, reproductive rights groups have warily eyed so-called crisis pregnancy centers that often have the appearance of abortion clinics but in reality push women toward parenting or adoption. These centers also typically discourage the use of contraceptives.” Florida Legislators Want to Vastly Expand State Funds for Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers. Also in Florida, DeSantis to expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law to all grades. Also in Florida, the “principal of Florida’s Tallahassee Classical School is out of a job after parents complained that their sixth-grade children were shown Michelangelo’s 16th century ‘David’ sculpture, with one parent calling it ‘pornographic.'” Florida has chosen being nuts over seeing them.

+ Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop? “The US Federal Trade Commission is proposing a formal ban on subscriptions that are simple to start but difficult to stop … That includes letting people use the same method for both actions — so a business can’t, for instance, let someone sign up for a service online but make them call a phone number to cancel.”

+ Livin La Vida Loca: “At some point, the cartels began paying these low-level contractors in drugs. Many began selling that cocaine or turning it into cheap crack, creating local demand.” WaPo: Costa Rica, laid-back land of ‘pura vida,’ succumbing to drug violence.

+ Unbreak My Heart: “We know that break-ups hurt. We want to support our young people to deal with the hurt and know that there is a way through without harming themselves or others.” New Zealand is spending $4 million on a Love Better campaign to help teens deal with breakups. (In America, we generally just prescribe a Phoebe Bridgers playlist.)

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