Instormnia: Go easy on Californians who seem a little sleepy this week. Our endless atmospheric river is causing a ton of damage, mudslides, and floods. The wind and rain is also loud enough to keep us up at night. And there’s no end in sight. We either get fires or floods. Welcome to the new normal, where the forecast calls for damage. “Even though 2022 wasn’t near record hot for the United States, it was the third wildest year nationally both in number of extremes that cost $1 billion and overall damage from those weather catastrophes.”

+ Doc Warrant: “President Biden’s personal attorneys have discovered classified documents among what appear to be Obama-era records when the current president was vice president … The Archives collected the documents the following morning and the matter is under review by the Justice Department.” Yes, you’ll be hearing a ton of false equivalence about this and the Mar-a-Lago case. It took the Biden team ten seconds to voluntarily turn over the docs. Trump refused to which led to the raid which led to the ongoing case. There’s no similarity.

+ Lasers Espaciais: “Millions of Brazilians appear to be convinced that October’s presidential election was rigged against Mr. Bolsonaro, despite audits and analyses by experts finding nothing of the sort. Those beliefs are in part the product of years of conspiracy theories, misleading statements and explicit falsehoods spread by Mr. Bolsonaro and his allies claiming Brazil’s fully electronic voting systems are rife with fraud.” NYT: What Drove a Mass Attack on Brazil’s Capital? Mass Delusion.

+ Hot Bot: “Microsoft has been in talks to invest $10 billion into the owner of ChatGPT, the wildly popular app that has thrilled casual users and artificial-intelligence experts since its latest software was released last month.” Makes sense for Microsoft. The product can be integrated into Word and other apps. It can also challenge Google’s search dominance. Here are 20 Entertaining Uses of ChatGPT You Never Knew Were Possible. I can’t stress this enough. This is a proof of concept level application. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

+ The Kid Stays in the Picture: “Police say a 6-year-old student shot his teacher at a Virginia elementary school on Friday, and authorities face a difficult and uncomfortable question: How should they prosecute a crime committed by a first-grader?” Blame the culture, not the kid.

+ Slapdash: “When the head of a major sports organization is caught on video slapping his wife multiple times, his career should be in jeopardy. But other than a few days of remarkably mild criticism, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White appears to be avoiding any real professional consequences.” The Atlantic: The Sports Scandal Almost Nobody Is Talking About. The UFC’s macho culture is cool with hitting women?

+ Social Mediation: “A new lawsuit filed by Seattle Public Schools against TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Snap, Instagram, and their parent companies alleges that the social media giants have ‘successfully exploited the vulnerable brains of youth‘ for their own profit, using psychological tactics that have led to a mental health crisis in schools.”