The Artist Formerly Known as Prince: “What other royal recollection would cover losing his virginity behind a pub, or go into such prolonged detail about a frost-bitten penis? This royal appendage gets more lines than many of his relatives.” Spare review: The weirdest book ever written by a royal.

+ “He was a winner of America’s most prestigious journalism prize, and his life story was turned into a movie starring Ben Affleck. He knows George Clooney, who reportedly introduced him to the subject of his latest work. Yet JR Moehringer is not among the rich, royal and famous who make appearances in Spare, Prince Harry’s memoir. Instead, Mr Moehringer helped him write it.” Who is Harry’s celebrated ghostwriter, JR Moehringer? Even ghost writers are famous now. You gotta love modern society!

+ We were promised jetpacks. We’re getting flying motorcycles.