Finally, a Georgia race that wasn’t close… The Bulldogs won their second consecutive national championship after completely destroying TCU, 65–7. SI: Stetson Bennett IV and Georgia Redefine Dominance in College Football.

+ The Stetson Bennett IV story will provide years of locker room fodder for coaches and driving-to-practice motivational speeches for parents. He walked on at Georgia. No one believed in him. So he transferred to junior college. He won. He came back to Georgia. No one believed him. He won. And won. And won. Now that his college career is over, everyone is convinced he has no shot as an NFL player and will instead be local hero and highly successful owner of several Georgia-based car dealerships. I’m not so sure that will be his lot. Stetson Bennett IV haters: Take a walk and realize this dude is a college football legend.

+ Last night’s blowout may have been one of the few times viewers turned off a sporting event. Sports events accounted for 94 of the top 100 telecasts of 2022.