“It is fair to say that Bob Chapek never won that broad admiration. Though a longtime Disney exec, he was not known to the broader entertainment community. Early missteps — including a messy public conflict with Scarlett Johansson over compensation and a public refusal to denounce Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law that was quickly reversed after a staff outcry — did not inspire trust. While Iger didn’t comment publicly on Chapek, he made some of his views known — such as when he tweeted his own opposition to the Florida law while Chapek was still trying to avoid taking a position.” (Here comes the news boss, same as the old boss…literally.) Bob Iger Returns as Hero in Waiting to Save a Battered Disney. Circling back to today’s lead story, it will be interesting too see if Bob Iger is as enthusiastic as Bob Chapek when it comes to the embrace of sports betting at Disney-owned ESPN.