Price Check: “She’d spent the last decade working as a psychiatric nurse in the most destitute parts of the city because she thought every crisis could be overcome. She’d dealt with mental illness in her own family. She’d bounced through foster care systems and abusive relationships, and she’d been homeless in Seattle herself in the late 1990s before going back to school. Her life had convinced her that anyone was capable of getting better, but lately that belief was being challenged, because each time she went to see a patient she found herself preparing for the worst.” Eli Saslow in WaPo (Gift Article): Fixing the broken lovelies. As American cities deteriorate, a psychiatric nurse reckons with the high price of compassion. (Want something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Consider people like this nurse who are willing to pay that price.)

+ Club Q Shooting: “At least two patrons attacked and fought with the shooter. One patron took a handgun from the shooter and pistol whipped him.” In Colorado Springs, two of America’s terrible political trends manifested in the worst way: Wanton gun violence and relentless antigay rhetoric. 5 killed, 25 hurt in shooting at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

+ Three Little Pigs: In The Atlantic, Quinta Jurecic does a good job of summing up the least surprising news of all time: Elon unbanned Trump. Trump’s Terrifically Stupid Return to Twitter. “This entire incident is terrifically stupid. The story revolves around the whims of two wealthy and self-involved men who enjoy nothing more than public attention. It is an enormous waste of everyone’s time, and I resent having to think about it.” Yes, America’s two biggest a–holes are together again on one platform. Wait, make that three. Elon also welcomed back his antisemitic pal, Kanye West, who returned with a smiley-faced, “Shalom.” (Since we’re speaking Hebrew, לך תזדיין.)

+ Holmes Schooling: “Elizabeth Holmes has at least one more opportunity to stay out of prison after a judge on Friday sentenced the once-aspiring biotech entrepreneur to 11 years and three months behind bars.” It’s a long shot appeal.

+ Blah Buster: “At some point during all the ‘blah, blah, blah’-ing—it’s hard to say when, exactly—climate change ceased to be a prospective problem and became a clear and present one. Since Rio, the Arctic ice cap has shrunk by two-fifths. Greenland has shed some four trillion metric tons of ice, and mountain glaciers have lost six trillion tons. Heat waves are now hotter, droughts deeper, and storms more intense. In some parts of the world, the wildfire season never ends.” The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert with an update on climate change, from the earliest warnings to the current state of things. Climate Change From A to Z.