What to Watch: Bad Sisters on Apple TV is an Irish show about a group of siblings who may have felt motivated to off one of their spouses. It has a solid ensemble cast and it’s really good so far.

+ What to Pickle: I’m a slight pickle addict. Kruegermann is about as good a widely available jarred pickle you can find on a grocery store shelf. Their vinegar-based picks are where the LA-based family operation really shines. Start with the Frisch-Gurken, but don’t miss the spicy garlics.

+ What to Book: It’s been a while since I reminded you to pick up a copy of my book Please Scream Inside Your Heart. In part, it’s a father son story about an American year that wouldn’t end. But it’s also a roadmap that explains exactly how we got to where we are right now. Don’t take my word for it. It’s getting great reader reviews. And a reminder that the audiobook version features the greatest voice in narration, Peter Coyote.