Eyes on the Pfiz: “The lawsuit shouldn’t have a major effect on vaccine availability — Moderna said that it’s not looking to remove the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, known commercially as Comirnaty, from the market. It’s looking for payment.” Moderna is suing Pfizer over its coronavirus vaccine.

+ Jerome With a View: “Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell warned that the central bank’s mission to tame inflation will result in ‘some pain’ for US households.” Today, that pain is being felt in the Jackson hole in your stock portfolio.

+ Making Laws for One: “The seventh-grader continued showing up to practices, but she couldn’t bring herself to attend the game in which she’d be benched. Her absence seemed to galvanize her teammates, who could not believe she had been ousted for being herself. For every goal they scored, they shouted, ‘For Fischer!'” WaPo: Kentucky’s lone transgender athlete can’t play on the team she helped start.

+ Binders, Keepers “Few objects evoke Gen X or millennial childhood as powerfully as the Trapper Keeper, essentially a large binder for your folders. Mead, Mr. Crutchfield’s employer, introduced it nationally in 1981, and by the end of the decade the company estimated that half of all middle and high school students in the United States had one.” NYT E. Bryant Crutchfield, 85, Dies; Gave the World the Trapper Keeper.