The initial demand for the Justice Department’s heavily redacted affidavit explaining the justification for an FBI search of Mar-a-Lago was so heavy that the US Court’s server known as Pacer crashed. TLDR: Trump stole classified documents. For months and months, he refused to give them back, so the FBI got them because they belong to the American people and the Justice Department assumed the worst because Trump is the worst. But by all means, read the redacted affidavit. Just remember that Trump stole our documents after leading a violent attempt to overthrow our election. There were no redactions in that much bigger crime. We all saw it with our own eyes. Speaking of what we already know, the Feds wanted the redactions in part because “if witnesses’ identities are exposed, they could be subjected to harms including retaliation, intimidation, or harassment, and even threats to their physical safety.” We’ve seen this happen already, too. Here’s the latest from those reading it for you.