What’s Your 20?

As we approach the 100 day mark of Putin’s murderous invasion of Ukraine, we can reflect on the fact that Russia’s military has performed poorly and Ukraine has largely stood its ground. But a lot of people are being killed and a lot of cities and towns are being flattened. And, sadly, in war terms, a hundred days could just be the warmup. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky says that Russian forces have seized 20% of his country’s territory, as Moscow’s invasion nears its 100th day.

+ In case you missed yesterday’s lead item about the fastest way to really understand what’s going on in Putin’s war, check it out. Crime and Punishment.

+ AP: Unsparing images from Ukraine show war at the 100-day mark.

+ NYT: Ukraine’s players have not shied away from what earning a place in the World Cup would mean to their country. After beating Scotland, they’re one win away.

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