COO Dependent

“Sandberg’s tenure would always be shadowed by the deal she made with Zuckerberg when she joined. While she reported to Zuckerberg, the then-23-year-old CEO gave her tremendous autonomy over certain parts of the company—the non-product domains that interested him the least. It made sense for Sandberg to take charge of selling ads. But according to The Deal, her world also included communications, lobbying, policy, and other non-engineering areas.” As Steven Levy explains in Wired, Meta’s famous COO is leaving after 14 years at the company—and so goes a partnership that shaped our world. Sheryl Sandberg and the Death of ‘The Deal.’ Sandberg was a lot more effusive about her track record than Zuck. From this point, Meta has only one dealer. We’ll see how that works out.

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