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Lie Detection: “ProPublica has obtained a trove of internal emails and other documentation that, taken together, tell the inside story of a group of people who propagated a number of the most pervasive theories about how the election was stolen, especially that voting machines were to blame, and helped move them from the far-right fringe to the center of the Republican Party … Some members of the coalition presented this mix of unreliable witnesses, unconfirmed rumor and suspect analyses as fact in published reports, talking points and court documents. In several cases, their assertions became the basis for Trump’s claims that the election had been rigged.” ProPublica: Building the Big Lie: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth. Related: DeSantis signs elections bill creating fraud squad.

+ Tanks, I Needed That: Following a meeting with representatives from 40 allied countries, Germany’s government authorized the supply of about 50 anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine, in a major policy shift. Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ Blood Drops: “If kept cool, donated blood can be stored for just a month or so, but some components that hospitals isolate for transfusions—like platelets—will spoil in days. A turbulent drive is not a perfect match for such finicky cargo.” Wired: Drones Have Transformed Blood Delivery in Rwanda.

+ Rubbing Halt in the Wound: “Widespread covid outbreaks in China have bought entire cities to a standstill and hobbled manufacturing and shipping hubs throughout the country. An estimated 373 million people – or about one-quarter of China’s population – have been in covid-related lockdowns in recent weeks because of what is known as the country’s zero covid policy.” ‘Everything is halted’: Shanghai shutdowns are worsening shortages.

+ Gut Reaction: “Still, Bronstein ordered an at-home colon cancer screening test just to be safe and took it in January. When the results came back positive, she anxiously texted her primary care doctor to find out the next steps. “You don’t have cancer,” he replied, adding a smiley face. He was wrong.” Colorectal tumor at 48: Doctor dismissed her at-home test. It turned out to be cancer. My friend Chris Bronstein wants you to get tested and to stop avoiding the topic of butts and guts.

+ Par Excellence: “When Achatz mentioned her dual interests in golf and fashion, Smith pulled up photos on his phone, black-and-white images from the 1930s that he’d first seen in a scrapbook at his workplace: portraits of members of the Harding Park Women’s Golf Club, dressed in their Babe Didrikson Zaharias-era duds. Achatz loved the clothes. But something else was even more alluring: the idea of bringing back the club.” Why this nearly century-old women’s golf club is enjoying a revival. Excellent work by my sister-in-law Lily!

+ Do No Charm: Magically suspicious: why are thousands claiming sickness after eating Lucky Charms. Reported symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. (Seems like a small price to pay for a bowl of Lucky Charms.)

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