“What I get from talking to Amazon workers … is that the pay is not the worst, especially for non-union workers, and the benefits are okay. But the physical demands and the surveillance are grueling and much, much worse than other employers in the same sector.” The Amazonification of the American workforce. America has split into two cultures: The orderers and the fulfillers.

+ “You should feel guilty. I do, anyway. Convenience is not a good reason to participate in exploitation or waste. But guilt is a weak political emotion. In my experience, it can easily lose out to the 3 a.m. realization that Baby Two has soaked through her sleepsack and we need more Huggies Overnites ASAP. But a series of product safety cases that have been brought against Amazon over the past few years makes clear that its rewiring of retail poses risks to customers as well. Above all, the cases highlight a significant gap between how most people understand the world’s largest e-commerce company and what that company actually does.” NYT: What You Don’t Know About Amazon.