Snow ‘Clone: “The low pressure area responsible for this blizzard will undergo a process known as bombogenesis, and it’s therefore referred to as a bomb cyclone.” Bomb cyclone prompts blizzard warnings from Virginia to Maine. An atmospheric scientist explains: What is a bomb cyclone? And possibly related from GQ: The Rescue Artists of the New Avalanche Age. (These guys might want to head towards Boston…)

+ Infrastructure Weak: “At least 10 people were injured when a snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed early Friday, just hours before President Biden was due to visit the city to highlight his push for infrastructure improvement.” (Can we stop pushing for infrastructure and start building?)

+ Vlad’s Nads: “Russia is a country of 142 million people with a hollowed-out petro economy about the size of South Korea’s. Together, Europe’s big three powers—Germany, France, and Britain—dwarf Russia in terms of wealth and population; the whole of democratic Europe, even more so. And yet, Europe is of secondary importance in this crisis even though it is happening on its own continent. For the West, the obvious reality is that America still calls the shots.” The Atlantic: The Battle for the Future of the West.

+ Keep Your Shirt On: The Tongan taekwondo and skiing athlete Pita Taufatofua won’t be baring his greased torso during the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies. He’s staying in Tonga to help with post-Tsunami recovery. This video has some incredible shots of just how massive that volcanic eruption really was.