“I crossed the 200 Guinness World Records broken milestone with one of the 5 hardest for the most kiwis sliced in one minute using a samurai sword while standing on a swiss ball … I revisited my very first record – longest duration blindfolded juggling, this time extended the record from 22 minutes 7 seconds to 32 minutes 7 seconds.” Idaho man says he completed his goal of breaking 52 world records in a single year.

+ “That’s how Gans ended up in a British military jeep, speeding through the heart of the Reich as it crumbled, on a 400-mile quest to save his parents. He had food rations, a few extra tanks of gas, a machine gun, a handgun, a bag of grenades and — to drive — a young private named Bob. Also, the brakes on the jeep did not work.” WaPo (Gift Article): The Jewish commando who rescued his parents from a Nazi concentration camp.

+ Moderna launches clinical trial for HIV vaccine that uses mRNA technology.

+ Kansas City Chiefs fans donate thousands to children’s hospital fund named for Josh Allen’s grandmother.

+ Brittany Bowe to Compete in 500m Race at Winter Olympics After Giving Up Event Spot to Teammate.

+ Bidens introduce their new White House cat, Willow, who jumped onstage at a 2020 campaign stop. (If they think humans are tough when it comes to approval ratings, wait until they find out what Willow thinks of them.)

+ In closing, Go Niners.