What to Dave: I got a ton of reactions to my lead item yesterday. If you missed it or want to share, I posted it on Medium: “As the son of two Holocaust survivors it may surprise you that on this Holocaust Remembrance Day, I’m making the following request: Forget the Holocaust.”

+ What to Watch: The Italian drama Gomorrah on HBO about a the Naples mafia is one of the best and most (globally) popular shows of the past decade. Warning that it’s quite violent. Think of it as The Sopranos without any of the levity. The fifth and final season just dropped.

+ What to Comedy: Aziz Ansari has a good, short comedy club set up on Netflix. It’s being wildly overanalyzed in the media. It’s comedy. Relax. While the comedy club set is good, Ansari’s theater gig from 2019 is great. Aziz Ansari: Right Now.