Thursday, June 10th, 2021


You Don’t Know Jack

You're finally free to move about the society, and much of what you abandoned before the pandemic is just as you left it. One thing that has changed: Prices. Get ready for a smackeroo upside the head. What used to cost an arm and a leg will now set you back an additional pound of flesh. It's no longer enough to make it rain, you need to make it pour. You'll be lucky to get 97% of a bang for your buck. It's good you took off the mask because you're gonna be paying through the nose. Just because you bring home the bacon doesn't mean you can afford a pan. Even two-bit junk will cost you 2.05 bits. A lot of stuff used to cost a pretty penny, but now that penny has to be a complete knockout. Your mad money better be stone cold crazy. And we're not talking bitcoin or AMC stock here. We're talking cabbage, chedder, clams, scratch, moola, dough, skrilla, Benjamins, bread, bling-bling, legal tender, cha-ching, greenbacks, cold hard cash, and good old fashioned loot. You don't know jack, but you better get to know him quick. I hate to be the one to drop the dime especially to those without two nickels to rub together, but get ready to pony up (or even full horse up) because inflation is here, at least temporarily. (I usually give you my two cents on these stories, but with these economic conditions, I had to give you three.)

+ You've got pent up demand. The supply chain is short on supplies. The perfect storm making everything you need more expensive. (Hopefully, you saved for a rainy day...)


This is So Lit

In an era when it's rare to see someone who has ethics and even rarer to see those ethics backed up by actions, it's great to see this heartening work of staggering genius. The follow-up to Dave Eggers' "hit book 'The Circle,' will be available in independent bookstores in October. The paperback will arrive just six weeks later, but the hardcover will remain exclusive to independent stores." Eggers explains the move: "I don't like bullies. Amazon has been kicking sand in the face of independent bookstores for decades now." This is a badass move. But don't expect it to sandbag Dave's sales. Indie booksellers are going to love this move. His instore displays might be replaced by a life-size statue. You Won't Find the Hardcover of Dave Eggers's Next Novel on Amazon.


American Pie Chart

"In 12 of the surveyed countries, a median of 75% expressed confidence in Biden, compared with 17% for Trump in 2020. A median of 62% across 12 nations had a favorable overall opinion of the U.S., while only 34% held that view last year." Biden's first presidential trip abroad for the G7 comes with some good news. U.S. image abroad rebounds sharply with Biden in office. (Too bad nearly half his own country liked it better the other way.)

+ "We're doing this to save lives, to end this pandemic, and that's it." Biden lays out US vax donations, urges world leaders to join.

+ The G7 meetings will be a lot more friendly than the Putin summit. Vlad just laid the groundwork. Russia outlaws opposition leader Navalny's groups ahead of elections. Translation: пошел на хуй.


Mosquitos Coast No More

"The trial used mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria. One of the researchers, Dr Katie Anders, describes them as 'naturally miraculous.' Wolbachia doesn't harm the mosquito, but it camps out in the same parts of its body that the dengue virus needs to get into." Mosquito hack cuts dengue by 77%.


Helter Shelter

"An investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has found that a number of the government's shelters have been turning to police to manage the sort of behavior that could be expected of children, in particular isolated refugee children. Over the last six years, shelters have discharged at least 84 children, from ages 11 to 17, to local law enforcement, according to data Reveal obtained after suing the federal government." Reveal: 'I'm going to tase this kid': Government shelters are turning refugee children over to police.


Medicareful What You Wish For

"What Medicare does about aducanumab will have major ramifications not only for the millions of patients who could potentially be eligible for the drug, but for the future of US health care writ large. The dilemma results from a feature of the American health care system: Unlike in other countries, the federal government has little room to negotiate what Medicare will pay for treatments." Vox: The new Alzheimer's drug that could break Medicare.


Not Taking One for the Team

"The top 22 states (including D.C.) with the highest adult vaccination rates all went to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election ... Trump won 17 of the 18 states with the lowest adult vaccination rates." Sometimes politics is a matter of life and death.


We’re Gonna Need More Plastic!

"Anyone who thought the world had four oceans will now have to think again, after the National Geographic Society announced it would recognize a new Southern Ocean in Antarctica, bringing the global total to five."


La Chapa

"Coronel pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine for importation into the US; conspiracy to launder monetary instruments; and engaging in transactions and dealings of a designated significant foreign narcotics trafficking organization." El Chapo's wife pleads guilty to federal drug trafficking charges.


Bottom of the News

"A new AMC satire mocks the family sitcom cliché of schlubby husbands paired with beautiful wives." Kevins Can Score Improbably Attractive TV Wives. (What can I say? I played the hand life dealt me.) This story is at the NYT, but I'm trying their new gift links. You should be able to view it even if you're not a subscriber. If anyone at the NYT wants to talk about doing a NextDraft promotion and offer a few more free stories a month, LMK.

+ McDonald's BTS meals: Indonesia branches forced to shut due to high orders.

+ Crocs ... With Stiletto Heels.