You’re finally free to move about the society, and much of what you abandoned before the pandemic is just as you left it. One thing that has changed: Prices. Get ready for a smackeroo upside the head. What used to cost an arm and a leg will now set you back an additional pound of flesh. It’s no longer enough to make it rain, you need to make it pour. You’ll be lucky to get 97% of a bang for your buck. It’s good you took off the mask because you’re gonna be paying through the nose. Just because you bring home the bacon doesn’t mean you can afford a pan. Even two-bit junk will cost you 2.05 bits. A lot of stuff used to cost a pretty penny, but now that penny has to be a complete knockout. Your mad money better be stone cold crazy. And we’re not talking bitcoin or AMC stock here. We’re talking cabbage, chedder, clams, scratch, moola, dough, skrilla, Benjamins, bread, bling-bling, legal tender, cha-ching, greenbacks, cold hard cash, and good old fashioned loot. You don’t know jack, but you better get to know him quick. I hate to be the one to drop the dime especially to those without two nickels to rub together, but get ready to pony up (or even full horse up) because inflation is here, at least temporarily. (I usually give you my two cents on these stories, but with these economic conditions, I had to give you three.)

+ You’ve got pent up demand. The supply chain is short on supplies. The perfect storm making everything you need more expensive. (Hopefully, you saved for a rainy day…)