The bigger issue behind the Facebook ban is the dangerous and damaging big lie about the election. But we now know that Donald Trump doesn’t have to spread that lie. He’s got almost a whole party doing it for him. Dan Balz in WaPo: “Cheney is a conservative Republican. She shares virtually no policy positions with President Biden and the Democrats. She has been outspoken, repeatedly, when she has disagreed with the new president or with Democrats in Congress. Her credentials and familial ties as the daughter of former vice president Richard B. Cheney put her in the front ranks of the conservative movement. That is no longer good enough for Republicans. She must, seemingly, agree with Trump’s false characterizations of the election or remain silent in the face of those lies, however damaging they might be. Those are the choices.”

+ NYT’s Tom Friedman: Trump’s Big Lie Devoured the G.O.P. and Now Eyes Our Democracy. “There is simply nothing more dangerous for a two-party democracy than to have one party declare that no election where it loses is legitimate, and, therefore, if it loses it will just lie about the results and change the rules.”