Facebook’s quasi oversight board has ruled that the ban of former president quasimotor mouth can remain in place for now, but kicked the final decision back to the company. One issue is the indefinite nature of the ban. The company needs to set a time limit or make it permanent. (Permanent seems a bit much. I say they ban him for a centillion years, and then reassess.) AP: Facebook board upholds Trump ban, just not an indefinite one. “The company’s quasi-independent oversight board upheld the bans. But it told Facebook to specify how long they would last, saying that its ‘indefinite’ ban on the former president was unreasonable. The ruling, which gives Facebook six months to comply, effectively postpones any possible Trump reinstatement and puts the onus for that decision squarely back on the company.”

+ The NYT’s Kara Swisher has been all over this story. Good Riddance, Donald Trump? “This lazy abrogation of responsibility by the Facebook leadership is par for the course for the most hopelessly compromised company in tech, which has bungled controversies for years.”

+ “Heads of state should be held to greater standards, not lesser ones.” Facebook ruling on Donald Trump ban: five key takeaways.