Oxygen Debt

“Some experts estimate that millions of Indians are infected each day; thousands are dying, with more deaths going uncounted or unreported. More than one in every five coronavirus tests returns positive—a marker of insufficient testing and rampant viral spread. Hospitals are running out of oxygen, staff, and beds; makeshift funeral pyres burn through the night as crematoriums are flooded with dead bodies.” The New Yorker’s Dhruv Khullar: Inside India’s COVID-19 Surge.

+ “That split screen — clubs and restaurants reopening in the United States and Europe while people gasp for oxygen in India — was never supposed to be so stark.” NYT: As Covid Ravages Poorer Countries, Rich Nations Spring Back to Life. (After the Iraq war, the self-imposed financial crisis of 2008, and four years of betraying the world with a laughingstock in the White House, this is a unique opportunity for America to lead the world and do the right thing.)

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