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“Tens of millions of students on three continents faced weeks without classes, security forces went on standby to guard against large gatherings of people, and bars, restaurants and offices closed Friday. New cases and deaths leaped in Europe, and the virus edged ever closer to the world’s power centers, with positive tests for the Canadian prime minister’s wife, a top aide to Iran’s supreme leader, Miami’s mayor, a Brazilian official who met with President Donald Trump, and an Australian Cabinet minister who met with the U.S. attorney general and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.” AP: Brave new world: Wartime tactics against coronavirus foe.

+ “I’m reporting on coronavirus spreading in Iran, including audio of a desperate doctor who says his hospital is losing 20 or 30 patients a day. ‘It’s a disaster. It’s worse than the war.’ A few days after the recording he also died.”

+ Rising numbers, canceled elections and events, states of emergencies, and more. Here’s the latest from BBC, CNN, and WaPo.

+ NYT: How the World’s Largest Coronavirus Outbreaks Are Growing.

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