“Shutting city schools would likely lead to a broader shutdown of the city, and the decision would be more far-reaching in New York than in any other major American city.” NYT: Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Pressure to Close School System, Nation’s Largest. (These are difficult decisions. To me, this is the key. If you can afford to keep your kids home, do so. The fewer people gathered, the less chance of transmission for everyone.)

+ “If you’re confused about what to do right now, you’re not alone—even these experts occasionally disagreed on the answers to my questions. Where there were discrepancies, I’ve included all the different answers as fully as possible.” The Atlantic: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Distancing. (With everyone sheltering at home, we need a moratorium on social media posts that make it look like your family is happy and getting along.)

+ For a look at how your town might soon feel, ask someone from Seattle. The New Yorker: A Week at the Epicenter of America’s Coronavirus Crisis.