“This act will free up federal funding for the states to use in response to the crisis, enabling them to tap into $42.6 billion that could be applied to tests, medical facilities, and other supplies.” Trump has declared a national emergency. Here’s what that means. (It’s mostly about funding.) During the press conference where journalists and politicians all stood shoulder to shoulder, the president shook everyone’s hands vigorously. Oh, well, we can always social distance later. When asked about the delayed testing, Trump answered: “No I don’t take responsibility at all.” (The WTF Stops Here … you need to say that out loud with all the words for it to really work…) For what it’s worth, that wasn’t the saddest part of the press conference.

+ A few other things that still need tweaking. The Trump Administration will move ahead with its plan to kick people off of food stamps despite the coronavirus outbreak. The administration is blocking states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis. And Trump still isn’t backing off proposed cuts to CDC budget.

+ Katie Porter Wins CDC Promise To Pay For Coronavirus Testing.