What to Pod: “I went into this exercise as a journalist knowing what I was doing, and I felt that, you know, my inherent skepticism of the Trump campaign’s messaging and kind of my media literacy as somebody who’s a journalist and does this professionally would kind of inoculate me against any of these distortions. But in fact, I found that I became, over time, reflexively suspicious of every headline I encountered.” To understand why we see things so differently, you have to understand what we’re seeing. Including the disinformation. And this Terri Gross interview of McKay Coppins is a great way to understand all of it.

+ What to Snort: “Netflix’s long-running drug-trade saga, which remains as reliably efficient and engaging as anything on the streaming platform, even as it continues telling the same basic story in slightly different ways.” Sounds about right. I’m in. Narcos: Mexico Is Back and More Bloody, Druggy, and Chaotic Than Ever.

+ What to Hear: It’s rare that an opening band dominates a show, and when it happens, you can bet that band will be big. As openers, Eliza and The Delusionals killed at the Fox in Oakland. The crowd was fully locked in. The band joked there were more people in the crowd than in their hometown in Australia. They better get used to being around large groups. Check out Eliza and The Delusionals. (Start with Just Exist.)