Thugs and Kisses

“His allies control the major regional newspapers, which provide supportive coverage of Mr. Orban’s anti-immigrant agenda and his methodical erosion of the country’s democratic checks and balances … For years, Mr. Orban’s government has craved validation from Washington, spending millions of dollars on lobbying, mostly in vain. The Obama administration largely ostracized Mr. Orban, avoiding high-level, bilateral contacts as punishment for his creeping authoritarian tendencies. American diplomats criticized Mr. Orban’s crackdown on civil society — as did President Barack Obama himself.” Times have changed, as has the view of strongmen from the Oval Office. “President Trump thinks that he is a very strong leader. And our president admires strong leaders.” NYT: Hungary’s Leader Was Shunned by Obama, but Has a Friend in Trump.

+ NPR: Australian Lawmaker Refers To ‘Final Solution’ In Push For Muslim Immigration Ban. (These jackasses are bubbling up in every corner of the globe. Be worried.)

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