Sweet and Dour

“They employ an army of food scientists and psychologists to trick us into eating more than we need, while their advertisers use the latest findings in neuroscience to overcome our resistance.” In most places across the world people are getting fatter. But not necessarily for the reasons you think. The Guardian: We’re in a new age of obesity. How did it happen?

+ “People who have a rare genetic mutation called essential fructosuria lack the primary enzyme needed to metabolize fructose, a natural sugar found in honey, fruits and vegetables. No ill consequences have been linked to the defect, save for an aversion to sweets.” Bloomberg: A Rare Genetic Aversion to Sweets Could Be Key to Fighting Obesity.

+ Think it’s just a case of mind over matter? Consider this headline from the NYT: In Thailand, Obesity in Our Monks Is a Ticking Time Bomb.

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