Drug Test

“Since the military took to the streets to fight the increasingly powerful and violent cartels producing and trafficking drugs north to consumers in the United States, tens of thousands of Mexicans have died. And a broken police and judicial system means perpetrators are almost never held accountable for a disappearance or murder.” Here’s some breaking news. The drug war has been an unmitigated failure. But no one seems willing to take any steps towards ending it. From Vox: Mexico’s new president has a radical plan to end the drug war. “If the incoming president gets his way, this will be Mexico’s first major split from the US on crime-fighting and drugs in decades. But the obstacles are many.”

+ Vice: Much of the world used to treat drug addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one. And then America got its way.

+ For those who commute across the Brooklyn Bridge, NYT’s Alan Feuer explains how El Chapo is causing your traffic jams.

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