Hate the One You’re With

Trump is inexperienced, dishonest, has a bad personality and acts like a "temperamental child saying anything in an attempt to get what he wants." Hillary is a liar who is too guarded, has too many ties to the political past and is associated with something terrible about email. Of course, I'm cherry picking these opinions. That's just what their supporters say about them. This election is giving new meaning to the lyrics, It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To. Check out all the numbers and quotes from Pew's latest survey of the American electorate: Major factor in candidate support: Disliking the opponent. (After this election, Pew researchers and other pollsters should be treated for PTSD.)


Lonely at the Top

"On August 31st 1910, Theodore Roosevelt delivered a fiery speech in Osawatomie, Kansas. The former president celebrated America's extraordinary new commercial power but also gave warning that America's industrial economy had been taken over by a handful of corporate giants that were generating unparalleled wealth for a small number of people." Sound familiar? It should. Consider that "10% of the world's public companies generate 80% of all profits." And the disruptive tech community has evolved into a handful of all-powerful, corporate giants. From The Economist: The rise of the superstars.


More Madness in Syria

"Somebody is trying to tell us humanitarian workers are not welcome in Syria, that we are a target, that we will be killed." For the second time in a week, an air strike has killed a group of medical workers in Syria.

+ US calls on Russia and Syria to ground all aircraft in northwest Syria.


Carolina in My Mind?

Charlotte protests became violent after news spread of another fatal shooting of a black man by a police officers. But in this case, were protesters getting bad info from social media? Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney thinks so: "It's time to change the narrative, because I can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it's been portrayed so far, especially through social media."


The Trackers of My Tears

You've been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but you just haven't found your secret weapon. Then finally, the age of fitness trackers arrived, and you had an ally in your personal battle. Right? Well, maybe. According to a two-year study out of the University of Pittsburgh, the average person is better off without a fitness wearable.


Boise in the Hood

"Idaho, a landlocked state with dreary winters and an overwhelmingly white population, might seem an unlikely destination for refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Yet every year, nearly 1,000 asylum seekers settle in Idaho, which accepts one of the largest shares of refugees, relative to its population, of any state." From The New Republic: Destination Boise.

+ For an interesting look at refugees and their new small town environs, try Elizabeth Strout's novel, The Burgess Boys.


Just Vin Baby

"Sandy removes his cap ... wipes his index finger across his left brow, dries it off on his left pant leg, readjusts the bill of his cap. I imagine that the mound at Dodger Stadium must be the loneliest place in the world. There are 29,000 people here ... and about a million butterflies." As Vin Scully approaches his final baseball game behind the mic, his colleagues look back at his 67-year career: The Man. The Voice. The Stories.

+ "The researchers whose work led to Tom Brady's suspension have never spoken publicly. Now they're eager to say they were right, no matter what Patriots fans believe." From The NYT: The Deflategate Scientists Unlock Their Lab.


Divorce Court of Public Opinion

Our culture is so sick with all of you publicly commenting on a celebrity divorce involving people you've never met. That's why I'm mourning in private. Yes, most of the coverage is gross gossip, silly rumors, or bad Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel jokes. But if you're into the topic, you should probably check out this quite interesting perspective from Anne Helen Petersen: Brangelina Is Dead; Long Live Angelina.


Enough With the Diseases Already

"The biggest breakthroughs take many years. This is about the future we all want for our children. If there's even a chance that we can help cure all diseases in our children's lifetime ... then we're going to do our part." Curing all diseases seems like a pretty big goal. But kudos to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan for committing $3 billion to the effort. (And for creating a platform where people can complain that they didn't commit $4 billion.)


Bottom of the News

"I get calls all day of kids saying, 'we saw your number on Facebook, you're ugly and should kill yourself.' If that's what fame is, then, yeah, I guess you could say I'm famous." There's been a lot of news about clowns lately. So let's catch up with Wrinkles: "the Internet-famous scary clown who claims to have a roster of celebrity clients, and a steady business traumatizing badly behaved kids for money." (If he's not available, you can just have the kids watch Hannity.)

+ Barraged by articles on minimalism and organization? Well, relax. If You Want to Be a Slob, Be a Slob.