Is Eight Enough?

If you’ve been trying desperately to get someone’s attention, you had your chance yesterday during the time it took them to download and install iOS 8 on their iPhone. If you were one of those who updated, then you’ll probably be interested in 15 insanely great tricks to master Apple’s iOS 8, top ten secret features of iOS 8, six super-helpful tricks you probably don’t know about, the best new features you might not know about, and 25 things you can do with the new OS that you couldn’t do with the old OS. Plus, this very detailed list of tips and tricks from MacStories. (I haven’t upgraded yet, but I hear the new software lets you get the Internet on your phone.)

+ Oh, and there’s a new Kindle and it’s supposed to be shockingly good.

+ Is there a difference between your paper reading brain and your device reading brain?

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