“According to the lab’s report, prepared on Feb. 26 and updated on Wednesday, the white matter that forms the wiring deep in the brain had ‘moderately severe’ damage, and in some areas was missing entirely. The delicate tissue sheaths that insulate each biological circuit lay in ‘disorganized clumps,’ and throughout Mr. Card’s brain there was scarring and inflammation suggesting repeated trauma. This was not C.T.E., the report said. It was a characteristic pattern of damage that has been found before in military veterans who were repeatedly exposed to weapons blasts during their service.” NYT (Gift Article): Profound Damage Found in Maine Gunman’s Brain, Possibly From Blasts. Among 336 million Americans, there will be some who suffer from brain damage. That’s just one more reason why giving people access to automatic weapons is a bad idea. We should check the brains of the lawmakers who keep them on the market.