Extra, Extra

Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me: “While Mounjaro had already been used by some patients ‘off-label’ for weight loss, the new FDA approval will allow the drugmaker to begin officially selling and marketing tirzepatide — branded as Zepbound — for weight loss too.” FDA approves a new weight loss drug, Zepbound from Eli Lilly.

+ Traffic Stop: “An Eritrean trafficker promised to help Africans desperate to reach Europe—then brutalized them inside a Libyan compound while extorting their families back home. With his fortune, he partied in Dubai.” The New Yorker: The Kingpin Who Kidnapped Migrants for Ransom

+ Network News: “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are accountants, they are elected officials, they are executives of high tech companies and pharmaceutical companies, they are military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists.” And they are probably pretty nervous right about now. CNN: DOJ announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ used by elected officials, military officers and others.

+ Body Heat: “Lieven de Key, a housing corporation in Amsterdam, is planning what is believed to be the first sewer warmth project that will tap into a main district sewage pipe to warm 1,600 existing social and student homes. After the Dutch words for sewer, riool, and warmth, this sustainable, 24/7, year round heat source is dubbed riothermie.” ‘A treasure beneath our feet’: How the Dutch went down the toilet looking for heat.

+ A Bad Heir Day? New York prosecutors are grilling their final witness in the Trump fraud trial. Ivanka.

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