“For Led Zeppelin fans it is an instantly recognisable image: that of a grey-bearded figure stooping, his leathery hands grasping the pole supporting a bundle of hazel on his back. But the origin of the image, which forms the centrepiece of the eye-catching front cover of Led Zeppelin IV, has remained a mystery for more than half a century.” Figure on Led Zeppelin IV cover identified as Victorian Wiltshire thatcher.

+ Nacho average bear: Florida mammal swipes $45 Taco Bell order from porch. “Video shows the beast sauntering up to the front door and grabbing the bag in its mouth. Then, a short time later, it comes back to steal the drinks.” (And to demand a more authentic burrito…)

+ Patrick Dempsey Is (Finally!) People’s 2023 Sexiest Man Alive. (Foiled Again…)