The Rent is Too Damn Low: “In its bankruptcy petition, the company listed about $15 billion in assets and more than $18 billion in debt. It also has around $100 million in unpaid rent.” NPR: WeWork files for bankruptcy in a stunning downfall from its $47 billion heyday. WeWork’s downfall isn’t stunning. What’s stunning is the fact that a company renting (or re-renting) space ever had a valuation that high in the first place.

+ Mad Props: “The trip offered a vision of what aviation could look like years from now — one in which the skies are filled with aircraft that do not emit the greenhouse gases that are dangerously warming up the Earth.” We were promised electric planes. And we might finally be getting them. NYT: Electric Planes, Once a Fantasy, Start to Take to the Skies.

+ Dire Straits: Another modern war that shows no signs of ending: The one Orcas launched against yachts. “A group of orcas managed to sink a yacht off the coast of Morocco last week … as a crew with the boat touring group sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar” Killer whales sink yacht.

+ Green There, Done That: “Scientists have long thought that the glaciers in North Greenland have been stable — a vital condition, as they contain enough ice to raise the sea level by nearly 7 feet.” But… North Greenland ice shelves have lost 35% of their volume, with “dramatic consequences” for sea level rise.

+ Chicken Scratched: “Tyson Foods is voluntarily recalling about 30,000 pounds of its dino-shaped chicken nuggets after some consumers reported finding small metal pieces in their patties.”

+ Family Crest: “You could do worse than to age as the Silver Crest ages—no struggle, full acceptance. The bar jukebox works except when it doesn’t. The Triple Play balls sometimes get stuck. Want a soda? You’ll be having Sprite … One day, we attempt some rough math. I calculate half a million eggs have been served here.” San Francisco’s 24-Hour Diner Stops the Cosmic Clock. “George is bartender, cook, janitor, maintenance man, and security guard. It means never locking the doors, no matter what.”