Bottom of the News

“Though traditional book clubs have been a fixture of American social life for decades, some bibliophiles think they have lost the plot. These bookworms don’t want to read books that don’t interest them. Even worse is recommending a book the rest of the group hates. They dread the scheduled dinners where they feel bound to dish up smart-sounding hot takes, along with a side or dessert. So they are showing some spine and rewriting the book club, without the assignments or attitude. More people of all ages are gathering to read silently or discuss books they’re reading on their own.” Wait, your new idea for a book club is to gather and read your own book silently? I’m pretty sure someone thought of that before. It’s called a library. WSJ (Gift Article): No, I Don’t Want to Join Your Book Club.

+ Think cats are aloof? They make nearly 300 facial expressions. (299 of them express disdain. One indicates that they’re picturing you as kibble.)

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