After the SF Giants brutally disappointing season, I decided to adopt the Texas Rangers in the playoffs. After all, their manager is the great Bruce Bochy who led the Giants to three World Series, and their associate manager Will Venable is the son of a former Giant and graduated from my high school. So basically, I won the World Series. SI: Rangers’ Improbable World Series Triumph Was Built on Trust. (Honestly, as diehard Giants fan, the best thing about the World Series is that it’s over which officially means it’s next season…)

+ 7 things to know about the Texas Rangers’ first World Series win.

+ “There are two things for which Bochy will be best remembered in baseball. The first is that he is among the preeminent managers in baseball history … The other is that Bochy has an outsize skull, something teammates and friends have long teased him about.” ESPN: Why Bochy might be the greatest manager ever.

+ Maybe the only controversial thing about this Rangers team is their near obsession with the band Creed. That carried right through the World Series celebration.