Meanwhile, Back at the Kremlin: Putin is loving that the world’s attention has shifted to the Middle East, and he’s using the moment to bomb more than ever. Someone should protest in the streets about this unprovoked, ongoing civilian massacre. Ukraine reports most extensive Russian shelling of the year.

+ Human Wrongs: The U.N. can get a little weird. How weird? Try this on for size. Iran to Chair UN Human Rights Forum on Thursday. At the same time, a new U.N. report finds that executions in Iran are up 30%. (And then there’s the small detail of the backing of all the terror groups wreaking havoc in the Middle East.)

+ Brothers in Harms: The Trump brothers are testifying in the NY fraud trial. As per usual, they don’t seem to be helping the business much. Here’s the latest.

+ Steaming Hot Tuberville: Even Republicans are mad as hell about Tommy Tuberville’s military stranglehold.

+ Oh What a Knight: “He could be cruel, and he could be downright mean. There were times, though, when he was as loyal of a friend as you could have. I saw both sides.” Even in death, Bobby Knight is a divisive, and yet endlessly interesting, person. And like in life, he’s still inspiring some excellent writing. John Feinstein: The Bob Knight I knew mixed greatness and brilliance with self-sabotage. Dan Wetzel: “He was brilliant. He was a bully. He coached some of the most perfectly disciplined basketball ever played, and then acted undisciplined in his own life. He was an American original and a cultural touchstone with oversized impact, in ways good and, yes, sometimes less so.” And Seth Davis: “He was brilliant, but he did a lot of dumb things. He demanded the most from his players, but accepted too many shortcomings from himself. His loyalty was fervent, but if he felt someone had slighted or disrespected him, he would cut them out of his life forever. He performed countless acts of kindness, many without any fanfare, but he could be petty, demeaning, misogynistic and cruel. He was a loving husband, a dedicated father, the kind of friend most people could only wish they had. But if he disliked you — and he disliked a lot of people — he made damn sure you knew it. His legacy is complicated, full of contradictions and controversies. But there is one thing we know for sure: There will never be another Robert Montgomery Knight.”

+ The Voice: After using AI to isolate John Lennon’s voice and pull it from a tape, the Beatles have released one more single: Now And Then.