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Running Away From Home: “Our father has told us that if he is arrested by Pakistani authorities, we should not leave even then. Because we will have no life in Afghanistan.” A reminder that there are other massive international stories taking place right now. Mass exodus of Afghans as deadline to leave Pakistan arrives. “Many of them, who have called Pakistan home for decades, say they have nothing to go back to, while others say they are terrified to be heading back to the Taliban government.” Afghan refugees forced to leave Pakistan say they have nothing.

+ A Tough Cell: “The decision by an advisory committee may lead to Food and Drug Administration approval of the first treatment for humans that uses the CRISPR gene-editing system.” NYT (Gift Article): Panel Says That Innovative Sickle Cell Cure Is Safe Enough for Patients.

+ Talking ‘Bout an Evolution: “Over the past decade, Johnson has worked and advocated for a religious theme park in Kentucky, one centered around a re-creation of the ark described in the Bible. The theme park elevates the idea that the world was created in its present form by God several thousand years ago; that there was no evolution involved in the emergence of different life forms, including humans.” Are Mike Johnson’s view extreme? It turns out a plurality of Americans believe God created humans without evolution.

+ Shooting Your Shot: “Once a social media sensation trumpeted as the best player in the 2023 class, Mikey Williams is now facing a legal fight for his freedom.” We mostly hear about the too-much, too-soon sports stories that work out. We need to hear more about the ones that don’t. Jeff Eisenberg: The rise and fall of Mikey Williams.

+ Bigly Smalls: Are Trump’s genitals too small? That wasn’t what the Supreme Court was considering today. It was just the backdrop. Supreme Court appears ready to rule against activist wanting to trademark ‘Trump Too Small.’ This seems some a bigly waste of time…

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