Extra, Extra

With Extreme Prejudice: After Jan 6, we know groups like the Oath Keepers are active. Are they also active inside police forces? “An investigation by WBEZ, Chicago Sun-Times and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project found allegations of excessive force, improper searches and racist comments on the job.” Extremism in the Ranks.

+ Road Less Traveled: More Texas counties are trying to prevent people from using specific roads to get an abortion.

+ Hit the Brakes: “Cruise can still test its vehicles with human safety drivers behind the wheel. But its robotaxi permit that allowed it to pick up and drop off passengers in driverless vehicles has been suspended.” California DMV suspends Cruise’s robotaxi permit effective immediately.

+ Otis Operandi: “Hurricane Otis knocked out all communications and unleashed a ‘nightmare scenario’ in Acapulco in southern Mexico in Wednesday morning after the storm rapidly intensified into a Category 5 just before landfall and gave officials and residents little time to prepare.” (In terms of advance coverage, this one seemed to come out of nowhere.)

+ Gag Proof: “It was the second time in less than a week that Trump was penalized for his out-of-court comments.” Trump is fined $10,000 over a comment he made outside court in his New York civil fraud trial. Meanwhile, things got weird and heated at the fraud trial.

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